Pikmin RPG: Dark Olimar's Wrath is a game currently being written by ThePikminMeister.


Opening Cutscene

The game starts with a cutscene, showing Captain Olimar with a group of pikmin. He is fighting a Dark reflection of himself. Louie is in the background, unconcious. Olimar is wounded badly, and just as the Shadowy Olimar is about to deliver the final blow, the screen goes black, and we are brought to the past.

Chapter 1

Olimar wakes up and goes downstairs, when suddenly he hears a struggle coming from outside. After grabbing a frozen pancake and swallowing it quickly, he runs outside. A red pikmin is shown fighting a black pikmin. Olimar whistles the pikmin, and the red one runs to Olimar. The Black Pikmin, exhausted, lays on the ground to rest. The red pikmin points to the Onion, and Olimar runs to it. A tutorial is activated, teaching the basic controls. Afterwards, you should have 5 red pikmin. Run to the black pikmin and destroy it in a turn-based battle (Just like pokemon). Once it is dead, run around the backyard and pick up the pellets scattered around. After the 20th pikmin is obtained, you will find the S.S. Dolphin, which you hop into. Louie comes outside and jumps in. The Red Onion follows, and then a cutscene activates. The Dolphin finds a planet, most likely inhabited by Pikmin. Olimar decides to explore it the next day.

More Coming Soon.